A little about what I do

Proofreading Proofreading

I read your project specifically for error detection, and make corrections. Basically, I clean it up.

Copyediting Copyediting

I edit your project line by line, checking for things like grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency of style, clarity and expression.

Structural Editing Structural Editing

I provide a detailed written report examining the project’s structure and overall cohesiveness. I address questions like the following: Is it clear and engaging? Does it sound credible? Is the structure intuitive? How can the work be tightened and strengthened?

Manuscript Assessment Manuscript Assessment

I read your work thoroughly and thoughtfully, as both a reader and an editor, and provide a written report or detailed in-text comments, as agreed upon at the outset. I look specifically at character development, narrative arc, pacing and market audience, as well as the more technical aspects like grammar, language use and style.

Writing / Rewriting Writing / Rewriting

I provide engaging, high-quality copy- and content-writing for both print and online. Rewriting is generally for consistency in multi-author works, including reports and research papers.

Transcription Transcription

I type up a document from either an audio recording or handwritten notes and documents.  

The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. – Mark Twain



A little more about what I do

I repair broken sentences. I reunite ideas. I work multiple voices into one. I give your long-form work backbone, your short-form punch and your online content kick. I find the right words. I clean up. I take your project that’s getting there, and I get it there.

Why we need each other

Because of meaning and communication. Because you’ve decided your project – manuscript, story, essay, magazine, report, newsletter, website, proposal or article – could use a professional eye, be it a final once-over or a bit more in-depth romancing. Because I love to read . . . everything. Because I love red pen and track changes in Microsoft Word. Because I love what I do. Because good writing matters.

What people are saying

Nick Hadgelias, writer and postgraduate student, University of Melbourne

Alison provided invaluable help with a long-form academic piece I had been working on for some months. She assisted me in restructuring, editing and finally proofing an essay that was both theoretical and creative and so unusually complex. Alison provided excellent and insightful feedback on my work. She was always pleasant to work with and impeccably organised and prompt, meeting every deadline we had set for each section comfortably. She did a wonderful job and I will be seeking her assistance in further work, as well as continuing to recommend her editorial and proofreading services to others.

- Nick Hadgelias, writer and postgraduate student, University of Melbourne
Gillian Sze, author, poet and founder/editor of Branch Magazine

I’ve had the joy of knowing Alison for over ten years as a classmate, a collaborator, an editor, and dear friend. A gifted and versatile writer in both prose and verse, Alison also possesses a sharp and assured editorial eye. Her enthusiasm for and mastery over language has made her an excellent guest-editor for Branch Magazine and an invaluable first reader for my own work. My successful experiences with Alison and admiration for her intelligent approach to writing moves me to recommend her in the highest terms possible.

- Gillian Sze, author, poet and founder/editor of Branch Magazine
Lauren Whybrow, online content editor, Hardie Grant Publishing

Alison is an absolute gem. She rises to the challenge no matter what task I approach her with, whether that’s editing blog posts or enewsletters, taking editorial corrections into a huge pain of a CMS, researching and contacting venues for travel reviews, sourcing images, writing content for apps and any number of other online editorial jobs. The fact that she’s both professional and personable just makes the whole process even better.

- Lauren Whybrow, online content editor, Hardie Grant Publishing
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