Proofreading One of Us

Hardie Grant Books

Edited by Damien Kingsbury

01 May 2014


academic essays

One of Us: An Australian Head of State is a timely contribution to the republican debate by leading academics and essayists from Tim Soutphommasane and Greg Barns to John Warhurst, edited by Damien Kingsbury.

Shouldn’t Australia have an Australian head of state? After all, we are a sovereign nation with a distinct identity, outlook and set of interests. Isn’t the hereditary nature of the English monarchy directly at odds with our proudly held conceptions of egalitarianism and a ‘fair go’? To the contributors of One of Us: An Australian Head of State the answer is obvious: we should become a republic.

This erudite and comprehensive collection of essays canvasses all the constitutional and legal issues associated with the republican argument – from Australian identity, to our changing ethnicity, and notions of civic nationalism.