What people are saying


“Alison provided me with invaluable insight for my first book. Her knowledge of what appeals to readers has allowed me to improve my storytelling, and her advice on both structural and narrative elements of the book has been vital to its improvement. She has shown great commitment to providing me with detailed feedback, and the extent to which she engaged with me throughout the process made the process very easy. She’s enabled me to look at my work in a different light which has helped me gain a new perspective on my writing as a whole.”

—Cheree Peters, first-time YA author


“Alison has a real feel for the felicity of language, which is the basis for her excellent skills as both a writer and an editor. She also appreciates the importance of meeting deadlines, background research and working closely with authors to ensure a high standard of work is produced.”

—Melissa Kayser, managing editor, Explore Australia Publishing


“Alison assessed a draft of my novella and made insightful and pertinent suggestions which have improved the work immensely. As an editor she has an eye for detail as well as a firm hold on the big picture of a piece of writing, and delivers her suggestions in a professional and timely manner. Her communication and feedback are clear and thoughtful, based on sound writing and editorial experience.”

 —Deborah Wardle, author and freelance writer


“Alison provided her transcription services for a qualitative psychology research thesis. She transcribed long, detailed, emotionally charged research interviews with thorough attention to detail, excellent writing, and in a timely manner. I was highly impressed with her skill and her professionalism in attending to the confidentiality of the material, as well as her quick response. I would hire her again without hesitation for future transcription services.”

—Dr. Winnie Hunter, psychologist


“I worked with Alison as a supervisor of her master’s thesis in creative writing, and I always looked forward to reading whatever her creative, elegant, witty, intelligent and sensitive mind would come up with. Alison knows her way around the world of words, sentences, paragraphs, dialogue and lyric impulses. She is serious and committed, smart enough to have her own ideas, and aware enough to know that listening is the key to real communication.”

—Kevin Brophy, author, poet and professor in the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne


“Alison is highly committed to the crafts of writing and editing. She is dedicated and disciplined, and a true professional.”

—Paul Mitchell, professional and creative writer


“Alison is an absolute gem. She rises to the challenge no matter what task I approach her with, whether that’s editing blog posts or enewsletters, taking editorial corrections into a huge pain of a CMS, researching and contacting venues for travel reviews, sourcing images, writing content for apps and any number of other online editorial jobs. The fact that she’s both professional and personable just makes the whole process even better.”

—Lauren Whybrow, online content editor, Hardie Grant Publishing


“I’ve had the joy of knowing Alison for over ten years as a classmate, a collaborator, an editor, and dear friend. A gifted and versatile writer in both prose and verse, Alison also possesses a sharp and assured editorial eye. Her enthusiasm for and mastery over language has made her an excellent guest-editor for Branch Magazine and an invaluable first reader for my own work. My successful experiences with Alison and admiration for her intelligent approach to writing moves me to recommend her in the highest terms possible.”

—Gillian Sze, author, poet and founder/editor of Branch Magazine


“Alison provided invaluable help with a long-form academic piece I had been working on for some months. She assisted me in restructuring, editing and finally proofing an essay that was both theoretical and creative and so unusually complex. Alison provided excellent and insightful feedback on my work. She was always pleasant to work with and impeccably organised and prompt, meeting every deadline we had set for each section comfortably. She did a wonderful job and I will be seeking her assistance in further work, as well as continuing to recommend her editorial and proofreading services to others.”

 —Nick Hadgelias, writer and postgraduate student, University of Melbourne


“I had the pleasure of studying my master’s in writing, publishing and editing with Alison. She is a talented and experienced editor who can work with manuscripts and other written materials thoroughly, from the big-picture structural edit to the detailed, line-by-line edit. Alison is passionate about her work, and treats authors and their writing with sensitivity, respect and skill.”

—Elisha Curcio, administration officer, Department of Education and Early Childhood Learning